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Here at Forevory, we want to make it easy and beautiful to build a profile for your loved one. We made an easy step-by-step guide to walk you through completing the profile.

Forevory QR Code creates a more meaningful experience when visiting your loved one.

When you sign up, Forevory will send you a personalized QR Code that can be affixed anywhere on your loved one's headstone, urn, and more. Any mobile device's camera can scan the QR Code to connect you to your loved one's profile.

Friends and Family can scan the QR code from a smartphone to view your loved one's profile.

While your friends, family, and strangers alike are visiting the resting place of your loved one, the will be able to learn about them. Videos and photos are essential to help share the story, so we made it possible to upload special moments of your loved one to share with others. Forevory also has included features like creating a family tree, adding stories and articles, gravesite marker and location, and much more.

Real stories from real customers

“We tried a lot of other options to keep my son who passed away in a motorcycle accident alive. We heard about Forevory from Facebook and loved the simplicity and ease of use. I love that my family members can scan the Forevory QR code on my son's tombstone and leave a voice note."
Elizabeth Stern
Legacy Profile Creator
"My brothers and I have split the cost for our family member profiles so that we can share our profiles with others."
Phillip Moreis
Someone Who Values Family History
"As a college professor this has really changed how our culture thinks about loved ones who have passed on. My students love to see the profiles of famous people I have made."
Chad Trandafir
User and Searcher

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