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Several years ago, I was visiting the gravesites of my grandparents.  I had my eldest child Nathaniel with me.  He never got to know my grandmother because she passed away when he was only a year old, and my grandfather passed away long before he was even born. As I stood there paying my respects in front of their headstones, remembering them and missing them, I could not help but notice that my son’s experience there was far less meaningful than mine.  He had no natural way of connecting to his great-grandparents and could not fully appreciate who these people were and what a profound impact they had on my life, my parents’ lives, and our collective family’s life.  How could I bring them back to life, even for the moment, to reinforce my beautiful memories of them and demonstrate their greatness for future generations in a way that would be a testament to them?

"Wouldn't it be incredible if we could use technology to give us an interactive, meaningful, and educational experience about our dearly departed loved one while we are at the cemetery and even after we would leave?"

Hence, the idea behind Forevory was born. At that moment, I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could use technology to give us an interactive, meaningful, and educational experience about our dearly departed loved ones while we are there at the cemetery and even after we would leave? There's some way to bring them to life so those who never had the opportunity to know them during their lifetime could get a glimpse into who they were, what they accomplished, the lessons they could share, and where we all came from?  And even we, who did have the privilege of knowing those who have passed on, could for a moment have them appear before us again to share their smiles, their wisdom, their warmth and kindness, and their love.”  I wanted to be able to celebrate their lives-whether their lives were short, long, or somewhere in between and share that celebration with others and not focus on their death.

By engaging in the Forevory experience, with a simple scan by your smartphone of the individualized Forevory identifying marker placed on the headstone of your departed loved one, all visitors will have the opportunity to view the customizable profile page created by the account’s administrator(s) at a time.  All forms of written, pictorial, voice, and video content can be easily uploaded and formatted through our portal to create an indexed, readily accessible, everlasting, and collaborative labor of love experience for family, friends, and even strangers to share-alike.  We hope that every headstone in the world will one day bear a Forevory identifying label for what it will enable. The more we learn about those who have come before us, the contributions and sacrifices they have made, the better prepared we will be to build and shape our futures.  By keeping their memories alive, they and their life lessons and legacies will always live on in our hearts and minds forever—now and for future generations.  Essentially, every cemetery will now have the ability to become a living museum.

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