Amazing Things to Do with Funeral Flowers After the Funeral

After a funeral, you may have more than enough flowers that can fit into your home at a time.
Ewell Torphy
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After a funeral, you may have more than enough flowers that can fit into your home at a time.  You do not want to leave them to rot away either. This article carefully outlines amazing things you can do with the flowers to make them memorable.

Let’s get straight into the details!

TopThings to Do with Funeral Flowers

1.     TakeSome Home

Consider taking a few of the bouquets with you. Choose those that will fit perfectly into a floral arrangement in your home. They add brightness and glamour to your home. You can replace the old ones and replace them with fresh ones.

If your loved one had a special floral preference and they are among the ones sent for the funeral, you can have those put up. They would serve as a reminder of their presence. Flowers are also a reminder that people care and want you to be happy.

2.     PlantThem

Some of the remaining flowers can be planted in your garden. Choose the ones that appeal to you. As the plants grow, you are constantly reminded of the presence of your loved one.  

3.     PreserveThe Flowers

If you want to have the flowers around time beyond a couple of weeks after they start to wither, have them pressed.Pressed flowers can be used in picture frames, jewelry, and other beautiful items.

4.     DonateFlowers

Some of the flowers can be sent to retirement homes and hospitals. Give some other people a chance to receive beautiful flowers. Be sure to remove cards and notes on them before sending them out.

5.     CreateYour Scent Collection

You can make a collection of unique flower scents and fragrances. To do this, you will need to dry the flowers, add essential oils to the flowers and store them in a safe place for some weeks to allow the oils to infuse properly.

6.     Decorate items with flowers

You can make your existing personal items like a scrapbook or a collection jar more beautiful by adorning them with pressed flowers. You can stick the flowers into your favorite scrapbook or on your loved one’s items. You can also make accessories from pressed flowers and have them up on your walls.


Creating meaningful items out of funeral flowers is more thoughtful and beneficial than allowing them to shrivel away. What other things can you make out of funeral flowers? Let us know your thoughts.

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