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How to Make a Family Tree?

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How to Make a Family Tree?

A family tree is commonly used to represent one’s ancestry visually. Such visual representation can be complicated or simple, depending on your choice. For instance, a complex family tree will include your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cosines, nieces, nephews, etc., compared to a simple family tree containing your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and so on.

Each of the boxes indicated in a family tree is connected to the other to make it easier to know an individual name, birthplace, relationship, one’s ancestors, record people, and events that make up your family history depending on the structure of the family tree diagram.

Before you start drawing your family tree diagram, you might consider starting off easy by having a family tree template. This template is a guide to assist you in deciding what generation to start with and how many generations you want to present.

4 Ways to Draw a Family Tree

In drawing a family tree diagram, there is no particular definition of how it should be constructed or what should be included in the family tree, but there are some templates that you need to draw out an articulated family diagram.

1.      Discover Your Family History

The available resources about your family history and online genealogy resources can be used to create a family tree. Note what you know about your family history, develop your questions about events and past records, conduct an interview section with some of your family members to give you more insight, and verify some pieces of information.

Getting an accurate record from the past can be very strenuous and challenging to accomplish due to time, floods, war, fire, and so on. Therefore, you can consider your family tree diagram far back to the third to the fourth generation.

2.      Draft A Tree Outline

Gather all the information you need and create an outline from ancestors to yourself or the other way around. With this outline, you can trace and choose a family tree template that you prefer and modify it to your idea.

3.      Enhance Your Family tree

In addition to all the piece of information you’re portraying in your family tree diagram, you can as well add nice pictures, family houses, family historical artifact; just include anything that portraits and enhance your family tree.

4.      Represent Each Information with a shape

Decide the shape for each family member as a representation to connect the lines of information you plan to put on your family tree chart. Shapes like rectangles or boxes are commonly used to represent your family members, but also you can make use of any shape of your choice.

Ensure the information your family tree chart represents is informative and easy to understand. You don’t want to represent your family tree with inappropriate pieces of information because the primary purpose of a family tree is not to ruin your family’s image but to preserve your family history and pass it on to other generations after yours.

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