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Top 5 Ways to Help a Grieving Parent

The passing of a child poses to be a challenging experience.
Courtney Bryant
2 min

The passing of a child poses to be a challenging experience.  During this time, parents rely on family and friends for support and comfort. They need help in making important decisions and getting back to living everyday life.  

We put together ways to help grieving parents get through their grief.

  1. Show up

During this period, be around to attend to their needs. This could mean taking phone calls on their behalf and responding to their messages. Avoid leaving them in isolation while they are trying to recover from the pain. Always keep in touch with them and ensure they are managing well.

  1. Be Patient

It takes some time for grieving parents to get back on track with their daily activities and reconnect with the world. They often separate themselves from people.  You need to understand this and be patient with them because they can’t handle being in public and interacting with people just yet.

  1. Listen to them

Help them by paying attention and listening to them. Often, grieving parents would want to talk about how they feel. They would want to let out their thoughts and express their emotions. At a time like this, all you need to do is listen to them. They would want to talk about their child and what they miss about them.

People assume it triggers more pain when they speak about a lost child, whereas a parent just wants to talk about their child. They want to be sure someone listens to them. Talking helps them heal from the pain.  Also, if they don’t want to talk, help them by respecting their wishes.

  1. Pay attention to their health

Grief has adverse effects on physical well-being. Ensure they are getting enough sleep and eating good food.During this time, they may be reluctant to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can step in by encouraging them and providing food for them. Support them by engaging in activities they love.

  1. Don’t try fixing

Grief is a difficult experience, and it is not easy pushing it away. Getting through grief requires patience and hard work. Come to terms that you can’t fix things or change what has happened.You cant make the pain go away completely. Avoid making pitiful statements. Instead, lend a helping hand because they trust you enough to be receptive to your help.


Lending support is an excellent way of helping a grieving parent. What other ways would you suggest for parents going through the pain of losing a child?

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