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Things You Should Never Do in a Cemetery

When going to the cemetery, either to satisfy one’s curiosity about something or to pay respect to a loved one.
Russell B. Martinez
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When going to the cemetery, either to satisfy one’s curiosity about something or to pay respect to a loved one, it is very important to learn, be aware and observe some etiquette upon one’s visitation there.

6Things You Shouldn’t Do in a Cemetery

1.     Don’tViolate the Visitation Hours

There is some hour of the day that visitors are not allowed for visitation due to reasons best known to those in charge there, and also for one safety is best advised not to go at odd hours.It is in your best interest to adhere to the rules and regulations and respect the deceased.

2.     AvoidBringing Breakable Substances

Substances like ceramic glasses are prohibited in the deceased’s space because this substance might look attractive and harmless at first, but as time goes by, the substances would break, which might escalate into injuring someone else while walking past that spot at anytime.

3.     Don’tWalk on Tops of The Graves

The dead also deserves to be respected: anything contrary to the violations of the lay down rules and regulations set aside in the cemetery is considered a disrespect to the authorities in charge of the cemetery and disrespecting the dead.

4.     StrictlyMind Your Business

You should know that not a cemetery is not a place to try and make new friends or interfere with people’s business; this is because people are there for different reasons and purposes. For instance, some people need and cherish that time alone with their loved ones, while some people are still in the grievous pain of losing their loved ones.Everyone may not be in the right mood for a chit-chat session, and others might not be too comfortable conversing in such an environment.

5.     DoNot Leave your Junk Wraps on The Floor

Because many people visit the cemetery every day. It would be so unhygienic and impolite to dirty a place well- kept neat and tidy. However, get a waste bin and throw away any of your dirt insides.

6.     KeepClose Eyes on Your Kids

Taking a careful decision concerning why a child should go to a cemetery only means that an adult would keep a close eye on them. As a child, you might not want them touching what they are not supposed to touch or going to some places around the cemetery they are not supposed to be going to. The deceased must be respected, and an adult should make a child understand this.

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