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What Does Working in The Graveyard Look Like?

Working in a graveyard might not be as odd as it sounds, and it is one job that needs to be done whenever someone needs to be buried.
Aaron Felder
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Working in a graveyard might not be as odd as it sounds, and it is one job that needs to be done whenever someone needs to be buried. It involves burial services, including measuring and marking out grave space, filling up the graves after the funeral, maintaining gravesites and repairing damages, ensuring the site, and providing support for family members and friends of the deceased.  

Certain skills are needed to be able to function in this field of work. Some lessons are learned from working in this field. Let’s a take at what this role looks like.

1.     AbilityTo Provide Comfort.

Working in a graveyard requires compassion. It increases your ability to empathize with people, from comforting people who are bereaved to family members who are hurt and frustrated. On an average day, people who come to the graveyard are experiencing probably one of the most challenging moments of their lives. Working in a cemetery involves showing compassion, solving problems, and relieving family and friends.

Asa graveyard worker, some days are labor-intensive and require you to dig the ground very early in the morning, go round and carry out maintenance and even cleaning spots, working relatively long hours on some days. Physical fitness is essential in this field of work, considering the amount of energy and hard work that maintains a gravesite and carries out funeral procedures.

2.     Reflection.

Working in a gravesite makes you see death is a different perspective from the rest of the world. It makes you reflect on essential things in life, cherish beautiful moments, and pay attention to only the things that matter.  It brings you closer to realizing that death is inevitable.

3.     Technical Skills Are Needed.  

Working in a cemetery requires technical know-how, knowing how to maintain a lawn, handle machines, and do other maintenance work.

4.      ItIs Emotionally Engaging.

Working in the cemetery can get emotionally engaging because workers are occasionally exposed to contacts and experiences linked to death and mourning. These contacts could trigger stress and pose an occupational risk factor because workers tend to suffer from emotional disorders due to their prolonged exposure.


Graveyards are pretty peaceful and challenging. Working in a graveyard is not as dreadful as it is portrayed; instead, it provides a place of comfort and reconnection with loved ones who have been laid to rest. Have you ever worked in a graveyard?

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