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Where to Put Ashes From Cremation: Ideas to Honor a Loved One

Not sure what to do with ashes from cremation? Here are some of the top places where to put ashes from cremation.
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When a loved one dies, you want to honor their life story, unique character, and final wishes in the best way possible. Unfortunately, this can be difficult, mainly if you are unsure what their wishes were or how to fulfill them.

Where to put ashes from cremation is one of the most common questions when planning final goodbyes. It is not only essential to find an appropriate and meaningful resting place for the ashes, but it is also crucial to know the legalities involved.

Many people look to nature for comfort after losing a loved one, and scattering ashes in a beautiful natural setting is a popular option. This could be anywhere from a stunning mountaintop to your garden.

But if you choose a public area, it's necessary to check the regulations first. So, what can you do with ashes from cremation that will be a fitting tribute and ensure you don't violate any laws?

This article will explore the range of ideas for ashes from cremation and explain where to put ashes from cremation- inspiring and legal -so that you can have confidence that you are honoring your loved one in the best way possible.

What Are the Ashes from Cremation?

When someone dies, their body is often cremated, and their ashes are returned to the family. The ashes are the cremated remains of the person's body.

The intense heat of the cremation process reduces the physical body to fine dust and fragments. The ashes usually weigh between four and six pounds and are a light gray color.

This process enables your loved one's ashes to be kept safely, such as in an urn or scattered in a particular place. After completing this process, you can decide where to put ashes from cremation service that will be the most appropriate location.

To Cremate, or Not to Cremate - Is this the Right Choice?

Cremation has become a popular choice in recent years, with over half of all Americans choosing this option when they die. It can be done for religious or cultural reasons or simply because the deceased did not want to be buried.

Many people also choose cremation for environmental and economic reasons. For example, cremation requires less land than a traditional burial and is often more affordable.

It is also possible to cremate and bury the ashes to satisfy those who wish to have a physical gravesite to visit.

What can you do with ashes from cremation if you haven't decided who gets to choose their resting place? In this case, you may choose an accessible location, so everyone has the freedom to visit.

Alternatively, it is possible to divide the ashes into special urns to be shared with a few family members.

If not all family members can be present at the cremation service, it's a good idea to consider a virtual memorial service to allow everyone to say goodbye.

A virtual service is a crucial element to include when considering everyone grieves in different ways, and being involved in the service is a step towards saying goodbye.

How Long to Get Ashes Back from Cremation

How long to get ashes back from cremation depends on many processes associated with the death of a loved one. While the cremation takes a matter of hours to complete, there is also the necessary paperwork to authorize before and after the cremation.

The funeral director will require a death certificate from the doctor or coroner, which can take a few days to process. Once the cremation authorization is complete, the funeral home can schedule the cremation. So how long to get ashes back from cremation depends on how efficiently these tasks are carried out.

What Can You Do With Ashes From Cremation?

Regarding what to do with ashes from cremation, there are various things to think through. The first and most obvious answer to where to put ashes from cremation service is the deceased's wishes. If they had specific instructions for how they wanted their ashes disposed of, it is essential to follow those instructions faithfully.

If the deceased did not leave any specific instructions, what you can do with ashes from cremation is up to the family to decide. This can be a difficult decision, but there are many options available. The following ideas for ashes from cremation will help you choose the best option for your loved one.

Scatter Them Somewhere Relevant

When scattering ashes, it is important to consult with close friends and family to get a sense of what the deceased loved most. This could be anything from their favorite hiking spot, a local beach break, or where they first met their life partner.

Looking through photos and considering what hobbies and passions the deceased had can also give clues as to where they would have wanted their ashes scattered. If there is a place that is especially meaningful to the deceased, scattering their ashes can be a beautiful way to honor their memory.

It is also worth checking any legal restrictions. For example, many national parks have specific policies against scattering ashes. Local laws may also restrict where you are allowed to place ashes, so it is essential to check with your city or town hall before making any plans.

Store Them at Home in an Urn

What about ideas for ashes from cremation services that can help remind you of your loved one every day?

If scattering ashes in a unique outdoor location isn't an option, you can always keep them indoors in an urn. This can be a personal and meaningful way to keep your loved one close, and many people find that having the ashes visible helps them feel closer to their loved one.

There are many varied urns to choose from, so you can find one that matches your or your loved one's personality. For example, some people prefer a simple and understated urn, while others prefer something more ornate or decorative. You can even have an urn custom-made to showcase the style and qualities of your loved one.

If you choose to keep the ashes at home, it is important to be mindful of who has access to them. Depending on your preferences, the urns can be kept in a private room, such as a den or office, or a more public space like the living room.

Create Jewelry Out Of Them

What can you do with ashes from cremation ceremonies that allow you to celebrate someone's life creatively?

You can also be creative and have your loved one's ashes made into jewelry or another type of memorial object. Jewelry can be a beautiful way to keep your loved one near your heart.

All jewelry styles are available, from simple pendants to more elaborate pieces. You can also have other objects made, such as keychains, ornaments, or paperweights.

Why Use Our Ideas For Scattering Ashes From Cremation?

You are likely reading this article because you're seeking meaningful ideas for ashes from cremation that resonate with who your loved one was and how you want to celebrate their life.

When scattering ashes, many believe that it allows the deceased's soul to be free. This idea is especially apt if they had experienced hardship or pain before their passing or for parents who are grieving, as it can powerfully symbolize giving their soul a sense of release.

The physical act of scattering a loved one's ashes can also bring relief to those left behind. In addition, it can help friends and family members connect and feel closer to the deceased as they assist in the last rites according to their personal beliefs.

Scattering a loved one's ashes can be an essential part of grieving. It can help you to say goodbye in a deeply personal and significant way and begin to accept your loved one's passing.

Where to Put Ashes from Cremation: 2 Approaches You Can Take

Many people wondering what to do with ashes from cremation services settle on one of these two approaches. That's because these choices offer a celebratory way to signify a loved one's passing.

Let Them Loose at One of Their Favorite Local Spots

Choosing a favorite local spot to scatter the ashes can be an exceptional experience that forever infuses that place with the memory of your loved one. It lets you reflect on all of the happy memories you had with your loved one at that spot and share this with those close to you.

Importantly, this choice also brings more meaning to the location for family, friends, and other community members. It gives everyone a communal place to remember and reflect, potentially bringing a sense of appreciation amongst that of loss.

Scatter Them Across Various Bucket List Destinations

What can you do with ashes from cremation if your loved one had saved a bucket list of desired destinations? In this case, you can honor their dreams by scattering their ashes across those spots. It can be a beautiful and inspiring way to celebrate their life.

This idea may also bring a sense of purpose and closure to those left behind. It can give you a chance to complete something that your loved one was unable to do in their lifetime and feel closer to them.

Traveling to a fantastic location to honor someone close to you in this way can also be a great bonding experience for those who go along. It can create lasting memories and new traditions amongst friends and family.

Where to Put Ashes from Cremation: 7 Ideas for Ashes from Cremation

What to do with ashes from cremation if you're still seeking the right location? If you're still unsure about where to best place your loved one's ashes, here are seven more ideas:

  1. Pick a shady spot in your loved one's garden, especially if they enjoyed gardening or had a favorite flowering plant or tree. Or you can plant a memorial tree for this unique purpose
  2. If you can't use a family garden, you can access beautiful scattering gardens at many local cemeteries
  3. You may be able to scatter the ashes in a favorite local park- just check with authorities to obtain the proper permit
  4. You may choose a local beach for a real sense of freedom and release. releasing the ashes at sunrise or sunset can make the ceremony even more special
  5. Releasing ashes into the ocean is a powerful and symbolic way to say goodbye. This is usually permitted in the U.S if you organize a boat to take you offshore beyond three nautical miles from shore.
  6. If you want to up the ante with a famous water location, Niagara Falls is a popular bucket list location and also allows the scattering of ashes in many areas- be sure to check restricted areas beforehand
  7. Another stunning natural location on many top places to visit lists is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is permitted to scatter ashes here as long as you request permission.

Final Thoughts on What to Do With Ashes From Cremation

When it comes to what to do with ashes from cremation services, perhaps more options are available to you than you first thought. But it's important to consider the most appropriate option to remember your loved one's unique qualities and beliefs.

Whether you choose a favorite local spot or decide to spread their ashes across various bucket list destinations, there is a way to commemorate your loved one's life in a memorable and meaningful way.

If the thought of letting go of your loved ones by scattering their ashes is difficult, you can also consider coupling this ceremony with a digital memorial website. A digital website allows you the freedom to proceed with the process of releasing the ashes while permanently memorializing them, so they are never forgotten.

The memorial website is a way to share videos and photos; and stories and articles that celebrate your loved one into the future. There's even an online memorial guest book so those visiting the location where your loved ones' ashes rest can sign, comment and share their experience.

To learn more about setting up a memorial website to honor your loved one's memory, visit the Forevory website.

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