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What’s the Best Online Memorial Website in 2022?

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Losing a loved one can leave a hole in your heart, especially when you’re unprepared for the loss. Even when you think you are ready to let them go, the impact will still be felt because the deceased was not just anyone. So, the grief after comes naturally as a response to the demise. 

Although grieving takes time and varies according to the individual, there are a few general ways to cope during the process. One such way of coping with the loss of a loved one is creating a memorial. It is a great method that allows you to grieve healthily while remembering a loved one.

Formerly, memorials used to be physical places or objects, usually statues, vases, granite graves, tombstones, printed photos, and others. However, online memorial websites make creating memories of our loved ones easier, more meaningful, and long-lasting.

Ready to create virtual tributes to help you and others remember a loved one after their death? Read through to understand how online memorial sites work, how to choose the best online obituary sites, and which is the best online memorial website to use for a heartfelt outcome.

What Exactly is an Online Memorial Website?

If you are familiar with regular memorials, then you know that they are usually physical remembrances installed at a cemetery. The most common form is an erected granite, bronze, or stone monument inscribed with the deceased's biographical details. Some also have the picture of the deceased etched into them for more impact. The purpose of using granite, stone, or bronze monuments and engraving words into them is to make sure that the memory remains forever. 

An online memorial site has a similar function as those physical monuments. It is a virtual space for creating fond memories of your loved ones instead of the usual physical locations. On virtual memorial sites, you can upload tributes in the form of eulogies, photo galleries, videos, and other ways to memorialize someone

So, just like you inscribe the biographical info of a deceased on a tombstone, you can create a web page and add those details to it. You can add more than the basic information of the deceased to the page, like;

  • The portrait of the deceased
  • Eulogies or epitaphs 
  • Videos
  • Photo Galleries
  • Stories
  • Music and voice recordings 
  • Documents

One of the perks of using an online memorial site is that it allows everyone to participate in the grieving process despite the distance and at any given time. People can leave comments recalling their fond memories with the deceased on the page created for them. When other people, especially families, and close friends go through such comments, it helps them pull through during difficult times in their grieving process.

Now that you know what an online memorial is all about, let’s see how to select the best online obituary sites in 2022 in the next session.

What to Consider When Seeking the Best Online Memorial Website

There are many memorial sites available on the internet today, but the quality of their services varies. Due to their vast number, it may be difficult to go through all of them to pick out the best online memorial website.

However, to make it easier, we have compiled a list of criteria to check out to identify the best online obituary sites. See them below;

Ease of Use & Simple Setup

The best online memorial sites have user-friendly interfaces and operations. Websites with simple setups will not make you work unnecessarily to put up your texts and media files. They will also not make it difficult for people to navigate the site.

So, whenever you are ready to create a memorial page for your deceased loved one online, ensure that you consider the simplicity of its operations. Anyone that requires you to watch extensive tutorials to use is not an option. Only look for an online memorial site with features that you and others can access and use conveniently.

Diverse Range of Features

One of the major facts about grief is that it is personal. People deal with the grief that comes after the loss of their loved ones in different ways. For some people, seeing pictures of the deceased helps them cope with difficult times. For some, it is the voice recordings and videos. Some people also prefer a combo of memorials. 

For that reason, it is crucial to consider the versatility of an online memorial site before creating a page on it. The best memorial websites should have features that allow you to show the fond memories of the deceased in diverse ways. So, look out for sites that allow you to upload all sorts of tributes, from heartfelt texts to media files like voice notes, videos, and photos.

QR Code for Gravesite

Are there QR codes for gravesites? Absolutely! The best online memorial sites provide personalized QR codes that you can affix on the tombstone of your loved ones or anywhere. When people scan it, they are immediately connected to the profile of the deceased where they can see all the fond memories uploaded.

In our opinion, QR codes are innovative, creative, and easily readable for anyone with a smartphone. Almost anyone who goes to pay their respect to the deceased at the monument and sees the code will know that they are meant to be scanned without prior information. That way, even people that you do not know but are acquainted with the deceased in one way or the other, can have access to their profile.

So, when you see online memorial sites that offer such a convenient feature, like the QR code, prioritize them.

Is a Free Trial Offered?

Some paid online memorial sites don't offer free trials to their visitors. Because of that, you cannot really tell how their services work or gauge the quality. Such sites may turn out terrible after you pay without any chance to get a refund. 

That is why we often advise that people go for a site that can be tested before payment. That way, you can try their services before deciding whether to stay. So, when selecting the best online obituary sites, check if they offer a free trial. If they don't, slide left to avoid future issues.

So, What is the Best Online Memorial Site in 2022?

Forevory is your #1 online memorial site to create meaningful and heartfelt memories of your loved ones. We operate a user-friendly website that enables you to curate and maintain an online memorial page for your loved one for as long as you want. You can upload different forms of remembrance, from texts to media files on our site with only a few clicks. At Forevory, we support healthy grieving and provide you with a hassle-free way to cope. 

Ready to create memories for your loved one on one of the best memorial websites? Head over to Forevory now to build a profile for them. Or, keep reading below to learn more about what makes it so special.

What Makes Forevory the Best Online Obituary Site Right Now?

Creating an online memorial page for your loved one is so much easier with Forevory. Join our hundreds of satisfied customers to host fond memories of your loved ones on our website with ease. 

Forevory is not tagged one of the best online memorial sites for nothing. Here's why you should choose us;

Forevory Is Super Easy To Use

At Forevory, we are focused on helping you create and maintain the memorials of your loved ones virtually with ease. So, our site is easily accessible, mobile-friendly, and super easy to navigate. You don't need an extensive tutorial to use Forevory. Even if you do, you can book a demo session with us to see how our site works. 

We Offer a Free Trial to all New Users

As one of the best online memorial sites you can come across, Forevory offers a 14-day free trial to all new users. You can subscribe to any of our plans and use all our services without restrictions for 14 whole days. If you are not satisfied with our offers, you can always cancel your subscription before the trial period ends to prevent being charged.

Get a QR Code 

When you sign up on Forevory, we will provide a QR code. You can fix the QR code anywhere so that people can scan it and access the profile of your loved one. For easier access, you can affix the code to where people pay their respect to the deceased like the headstone or columbarium.

Greater Capabilities for Less

Forevory has several handy features that make online memorization seamless. Some of them are online memorial family trees, online memorial guest books, online memorial photos & videos, online memorial stories & articles, and online memorial voice notes. You can create a family tree, keep tabs on people who visit the profile, upload media files and express yourself on text. Whichever way helps you cope with a loss, you can virtualize them on Forevory.

Paid Plans For Everyone

We have three flexible subscription plans to accommodate everyone. You can choose the monthly, yearly, or legacy plan. All of our plans allow you to access all the available features on Forevory. You don't have to forgo anything for a reduced price.

Final Thoughts on the Best Memorial Websites of the Year

Gone are the days when memorials are only biographical info of the deceased inscribed on tombstones. Now, just like there are virtual funeral services, there are also online memorials. Online memorials can be done alongside traditional monuments to make the remembrance of loved ones more meaningful and impactful. 

Looking for the best memorial websites to upload fond memories of your loved ones? Visit Forevory now to access premium quality features that make remembrance meaningful and easy. 

Anticipate a 14-days free trial and a quick demo to walk you through our offers!

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