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How to Make an Online Memorial Website to Honor a Lost Loved One Forever

Want to learn how to make an online memorial website? We'll guide you through the process in this article...
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The loss of a loved one is a difficult and emotional time. While there is a myriad of ways to memorialize someone during this time, finding a platform that provides a lasting tribute can be a challenge.

Fortunately, with an online memorial site such as Forevory, you can create a special digital place that honors your loved one’s memory.

Ever wondered how to make an online memorial website? Forevory offers an innovative platform to create an online memorial page for your loved ones who’ve passed on to share their memories, stories, and photos with family and friends.

Here, we look at the benefits of online memorials and how to make an online memorial website with Forevory.

The Benefits of Making an Online Memorial Website After Losing a Loved One

A virtual funeral service is a great way to help loved ones grieve from near and far - but setting up an online memorial website offers the ability to grieve long after the service. It also offers tangible benefits that can help family members process grief and bring them closer together. Here are a few such benefits:

It Helps Everyone Navigate the Grieving Process Together - Regardless of Location

Grieving a loved one can be an isolating experience. However, thanks to online memorial websites, people can now find support regardless of their location. An online memorial helps everyone navigate the grieving process together, providing an easy way to comfort each other despite the distance.

Forevory is a place to celebrate special memories and serves as a platform for communication between family and friends during difficult times. With various tools, this online memorial website provides an outlet for those who may feel overwhelmed by grief while offering an opportunity to stay connected from afar.

It Preserves Their Memory Forever - Even Future Generations Can Learn About This Special Person

An online memorial website allows you to create a lasting tribute that will honor your loved one forever. You can share photos and stories about them so that in the future, people can still learn about this person’s life and accomplishments.

Forevory helps preserve memories in ways not offered by traditional methods. You can add pictures, videos, written tributes, or even voice notes from family members and friends. And with its simple system for creating a personalized page for your loved one, you can ensure that they are remembered in the best way possible.

It’s Easier and More Affordable Than You May Think

Creating an online memorial page can be accessible and affordable. This is true for Forevory.

In the past, many individuals thought that creating an online memorial was too expensive or difficult to manage; however, this is no longer the case. Forevory is designed to help individuals create personalized memorial websites at an accessible price.

Why Forevory Is the #1 Choice for Online Memorial Pages

As the world moves further into the digital age, more and more of our memorable events are being archived online. Fortunately, there is now an easy and secure way to ensure that these memories will never be forgotten - Forevory. Whether you’re looking for an online memorial page for a loved one or want to preserve some special memories, Forevory is a clear choice to keep the memory of a loved one alive.

More Ways to Remember Your Loved One Than Any Other Option

Forevory offers more options compared to other online memorial services. With Forevory, you can honor your loved one in many ways, including an online memorial guest book, an online memorial family tree, and gravesite details.

The Forevory platform allows you to personalize each tribute with online memorial photos & videos, online memorial stories & articles, and online memorial voice notes. Through these features, Forevory provides more interactive ways for families to connect and remember those who have passed away.

You Can Add a QR Code to Their Gravesite to Pull Up the Online Memorial

A Forevory online memorial offers a new technology that brings your deceased loved one's memorial right into their final resting place via a QR code at their gravesite.

QR codes allow us to access specific sites and services digitally without manually searching on our phones or computers. Scanning a QR code brings up the deceased person's online memorial page, giving visitors an easy way to remember their life and works.

Building the Online Memorial Is As Simple and Straightforward As It Gets

Creating a Forevory online memorial for a beloved family member or friend is becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. Not only does it provide a beautiful way to remember someone special, but it’s also straightforward to set up. If you feel it’s confusing to think about how to make an online memorial website, Forevory is as simple as it gets.

You Can Get Started With a Free Trial Today

Do you want to know how to make an online memorial website for a loved one or friend? At Forevory, you can get started today with a free 14-day trial. A free trial allows you to explore all the features available before committing to a paid plan.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It, Either…

Here are some positive reviews shared by those who have used Forevory:

“We tried a lot of other options to keep alive the memories of my son, who passed away in a motorcycle accident. We heard about Forevory from Facebook and loved the simplicity and ease of use. I love that my family can scan the Forevory QR code on my son's tombstone and leave a voice note.” – Andrea Smith, owns two Profiles

“As a college professor, this has changed how our culture thinks about loved ones who have passed on. My students love to see the profiles of famous people I have made.” – Chad Trandafir, owns three Profiles

How to Make an Online Memorial Website at Forevory

1. On the Forevory homepage, click “Try It for Free” at the navigation bar. This will take you to the Sign-up Page.

2. Fill out the sign-up form and confirm your registration.

3. After registering, log in and go to your Account Page.

4. To begin creating your loved one's Profile, go to the Account Page and click the Create Profile button.

5. A pop-up with an example profile will appear on the screen, along with plan options. Choose between a Monthly, Annual, or Legacy plan, add your credit card information, and click Start Free Trial.

6. After approval, your profile is ready to create. Forevory will send your loved one's personalized QR code via email. You can download the QR code and share it with family and friends.

7. Allow the Edit Profile pop-up to show up. 

8. In the Edit Profile window, you can add your deceased loved one's name and date of passing, a brief description, a photo, and a background image. You can use this area as the person’s biography or obituary.

9. Using Forevory's streamlined Downloader/Uploader, you can easily add photos and videos and customize the captions for each one.

10.  Forevory has Voice Notes feature that makes it easy to record personal stories and keep precious memories close at hand. You can even download the audio files of other people sharing their stories.

11.  Using the latest technology, the Stories and Articles space helps you easily share any article, story, or remembrance you've written about your loved one.

12.  Forevory also has a Family Tree feature. This can help families come together and be part of writing their family history. The family tree is available on desktop and mobile.

13.  Next, upload a photo of the gravesite of your departed loved one in the Edit Profile section. You can include detailed information about the gravesite location and other details.

14.  Remember to click Save Changes when you're done.

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Final Thoughts on How to Make an Online Memorial Website

If you’re wondering how to make an online memorial website, do so with Forevory. It is an excellent way to honor the life of a loved one and keep their memory alive for years to come. With easy-to-use tools, anyone can create a beautiful memorial website in just a few minutes.

The website will be a timeless tribute, allowing those who knew and loved them to share stories, videos, photos, and more. Additionally, you can easily add more content as time goes on.

Take the online memory-making journey today with Forevory. It will help bring comfort and solace to you while providing an emotional outlet for your friends and family. Don't miss out on this incredibly fulfilling experience. Explore our wide range of memorial website services now and create something unique and meaningful for your loved one.

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