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Online Funeral Etiquette: Keeping It Classy For Zoom Memorials

Given these unprecedented times ofsocial distancing, losing one loved one can be difficult, and virtual funeralservice has been the best option available to honor and respect the dead.Virtual funeral service is not only a polite way of celebrating the deceased;it is also a comfortable and convenient way of complementing your participationin a meaningful way to your loved one.
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Given these unprecedented times of social distancing, losing one loved one can be difficult, and virtual funeral services have been the best option available to honor and respect the dead. An online funeral service is not only a polite way of celebrating the deceased; it is also a comfortable and convenient way of complementing your participation in a meaningful way with your loved one.

However, you may be wondering - what is the online funeral etiquette you need to be aware of while attending - or even planning - one of these services? The last thing you want to do is offend anyone or miss the mark on this important day. Don't worry - we're going to take a deep dive into the world of Zoom funeral etiquette for attendees.

All ceremonies have associated etiquettes to be observed to honor the moment, including funeral etiquette. Funeral etiquette is something most people are not familiar with, and this has been a significant challenge. This is because funeral etiquette is expected for every participant to be aware of. Armed with the information in this article, you'll be able to join the virtual funeral with confidence and follow best practices for etiquette. Let's get right into the matter at hand.

Online Funeral Etiquette Guidelines

Ready to learn all about Zoom funeral etiquette? You've come to the right place. Just as there are things not to do in a cemetery, there are things you should never do in a funeral - even virtual ones. And similarly, there are things you must do to properly pay your respects.

We're going to share the four most important aspects of gracefully attending a virtual funeral that you need to be aware of. If you’ll be participating in a virtual funeral ceremony soon, or would like to know what funeral etiquette is all about, below are some suggestions.

Download the Required Software

Typically, the host or the hostess sends an RSVP to confirm your availability and participation on the scheduled day and time. Afterward, if your response is positive instruction on participating in the virtual funeral service, a platform will be sent to you.

Most bereaved families prefer the Zoom funeral to another virtual platform because it’s a free video conference. Beyond helping families save money during these trying times, Zoom funerals are great because they offer all sorts of options and the platform is easily accessible. Moreover, the service is reliable - you won't have to worry about connection issues or failure to join as long as you've set everything up properly.

Your role is simple. Download the app before the scheduled day and time, ensure the application works perfectly well and get familiar with the user interface included in the app.

Do Not Be Late

This one should go without saying - but don't be late to the virtual funeral. Just as you'd arrive early at a traditional service, you should join the virtual event a few moments before proceedings begin. Arriving early gives you the chance to settle in with the order of service, get familiar with activities planned out for the memorial service, and sign the attendance register if one is provided. The last thing you want is to join the video software mid-speech - that is incredibly rude and disruptive.

Dress Appropriately

If you're wondering what to wear to a virtual funeral, don't overthink it. Wear what you would wear to a typical funeral. Dress to complement the occasion, and avoid revealing bright and flashy outfits. The last thing you want is to disrespect the deceased or family members/friends in attendance. Your main priority for the day should be honoring the dead - not stirring people’s attention away from the whole idea of the day. Your favorite outfit can wait for another day - there is a time and place for flashy outfits, and virtual funerals are neither the time nor the place.

Turn Off Distracting Devices

The sound of your tablet, cellphone, and other devices from your space might be distracting to both the attendees and you. This is because the sound your devices produce is sensitive sounds that can disturb any part of the memorial service. You should be considerate of everything that happens during this moment.

Final Thoughts On Online Funeral Etiquette Guidelines

As you can see, online funeral etiquette isn't all that different from a traditional funeral or memorial service etiquette. Remember - the goal is to pay respects to the deceased and allow family/friends to work through the grieving process. If you do anything that distracts away from this common goal, then you can rest assured you are breaking the etiquette for attending a virtual funeral. Here is a summary of things you should keep in mind to avoid offending anyone:

  • Prepare your software well in advance
  • Join the video conference on time
  • Dress appropriately for a funeral service
  • Turn off any devices (better yet - mute yourself altogether!)

Virtual funeral services might be entirely different from the other experiences you’ve had. But with these tips, you can guarantee a nice memorial service for not just you - but all other family members and friends in attendance. Everyone wants the same thing - to cherish every moment of your time celebrating the memorial service of the deceased.

But memories are fleeting. If you want to honor a lost life in a way that is never forgotten, you need to consider a digital memorial website ass we offer here at Forevory. By creating a profile for the life lost, you can always have something to easily look back on and fondly remember your favorite things about the person. The profile includes features like:

  • Family tree
  • Guest book
  • Videos and photos
  • Stories
  • Voice notes
  • QR code added to the headstone to pull up profile

In this day and age, funerals are going virtual - and you can integrate the online profile into your memorial service too. Head over to the site to learn more about the software and how it can help you and your loved ones find peace through this seemingly impossible time. If you're wondering how to support a grieving parent - or any grieving person, for that matter - this is it.

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