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What to Write on a Memorial Page: Inspiration for Building Your Forevory Site

Figuring out what to write on a memorial page can be tricky. That’s why we’re here to help. In this blog post, we'll explore what to write on a memorial page and provide inspiration for building your very own Forevory site.
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Losing a loved one is never easy, and finding ways to keep their memory alive is among the first things you’ll rush to do as part of the grieving process. One way to do this is by looking into the best memorial websites and creating one of your own.

By creating a memorial page where you and the rest of the deceased’s love ones can come together and share your favorite stories, photos, memories, quote, etc., the grief won’t feel quite as heavy. Plus, you and everyone else can learn more great things about that special someone.

But, figuring out what to write on a memorial page can be tricky. That’s why we’re here to help. In this blog post, we'll explore what to write on a memorial page and provide inspiration for building your very own Forevory site. First things first - here are a few reasons building a memorial page for a lost life is time well spent.

Benefits of Building a Memorial Page

Let's explore some of the key benefits of building a memorial page for someone you have lost.

Memorialize Your Loved One Forever

An online memorial offers an everlasting tribute to your loved one that will never be forgotten. 

An online memorial is different than traditional memorials, which can eventually deteriorate or disappear over time. A digital remembrance site provides you and future generations with a place of solace to always visit and remember them fondly.

When you're considering what to write on a memorial page, it's important to remember that the words you choose will live on indefinitely, so take your time to create a heartfelt and lasting tribute.

Help Yourself and Others Navigate the Grieving Process Together - Regardless of Location

Establishing a memorial page for your beloved one can be invaluable in the grieving process. It enables you and many others to share stories, memories, and experiences of them with people from all over the world who are also mourning. 

In this way, it provides an outlet to express condolences while connecting with those going through similar situations.

Even when it's not possible for friends and family to attend a service, a virtual memorial can unite them in commemoration of your beloved one. On that note, check out some of our virtual memorial service ideas. But below, we’ll get into what you really came here for - learning what to write on a memorial page.

What to Write on a Memorial Page: Ideas to Inspire Your Own Forevory Website

Composing a tribute page for your beloved can be intimidating; thus, it is essential to remember the facets that best embody their life and character. To help you begin creating an expansive and meaningful memorial page, we have gathered some ideas for you:

Write an Obituary For Them

An obituary is a way to honor the life of someone who has passed away, and it's an essential piece of many memorial websites. It outlines their accomplishments and successes while shedding light on the individual interests they held dear as well as the family members they leave behind. 

For those who may not have been close with them, this serves as an opportunity to learn more about that person’s remarkable legacy.

Remembering a loved one on the anniversary of their death can be a fitting time to update or add to their obituary, ensuring that their memory remains fresh and meaningful. Investing an adequate amount of time to capture all the necessary information for crafting an obituary is essential.

You should get in touch with family members, acquaintances, and colleagues who can provide insight into your beloved's life journey.

Collect People’s Favorite Stories About Them

To honor your loved one's memory, ask friends and family to share their fondest memories of them. Compiling these stories will create a vivid portrait of who they were and the lasting impression that they left on those around them. 

This is an invaluable way to remember someone special for years to come. Collecting stories is one of the most creative ways to memorialize someone, as it brings their personality and spirit to life.

Add Quotes or Poems That Offer Comfort or Resonate With Their Life

Memorial pages can be enhanced with meaningful quotes or verses that supply comfort and reflect your beloved one's ideals, values, and character. Pick words from renowned authors, literature excerpts, or even create your own to honor their life in the best way possible.

When deciding what to write on a memorial page, consider the words that would have held special meaning to your loved one and that can provide solace to those who visit the site. 

Create a Guestbook for Others to Write Their Own Words

An online memorial guestbook encourages visitors to share memories, words of comfort, and condolences, thus providing a meaningful way to collectively honor their loved one.

Not only does it build an enduring tribute with its varied contributions but it also fosters a sense of community among those in mourning. Writing your own personal message helps create an intimate connection that can ease the grieving process during difficult times.

When the Written Word Isn’t Enough, Consider Photos, Videos, and Voice Notes

At times, words may not fully capture the beauty of a life lived. Incorporating pictures, videos, and audio recordings can give us a deeper look into that individual's story; allowing us to evoke memories and emotions for an even more meaningful memorial experience.

Now That You Know What to Write on a Memorial Page, it’s Time to Put Pen to Paper at Forevory

An online memorial site should be a creative, meaningful, and lasting tribute to your loved one. Forevory stands alone from the competition in those respects. Best of all, learning how to make an online memorial website with Forevory is easy. Before creating Forevory, we noticed other online memorial sites lacked a personal touch, and many overcomplicated the process.

At Forevory, we bring together modern design, easy-to-use features, and an intuitive dashboard to make creating a stunning online memorial page as simple and easy as possible. During times of grief, it can be difficult to make decisions. Creating an online memorial page should not add any more stress. But if you entrust the task to the wrong company, that's exactly what may happen.

We understand that the grieving process can be long, so Forevory accommodates your needs with a suite of features and tools to create the best possible online memorial site.

Why Forevory?

Forevory offers a wide range of features, making it easy for you to create a unique and personal tribute to your loved one. Some of the benefits include:

  • It's simple to get started: With Forevory, creating a memorial page is just a few clicks away through our easy profile builder. You can customize your site to reflect the life and personality of your loved one. You can add photos, videos, quotes, poems, and more to the page.
  • Custom gravesite QR code: With Forevory, you can create a unique QR code that links to your loved one's memorial page. People visiting the gravesite can scan the code to access the page and read more about the life of the person reesting there.

And some added features include:

  • Online memorial family tree: With this feature, you can craft a visual depiction of your cherished one's family tree and display their relationships with both relatives and forebears. By introducing an online memorial family tree to the picture, you will be able to tell a richer chronicle about your beloved one's life story and origin.
  • Online memorial guest book: As previously noted, a guest book enables visitors to leave messages of remembrance and support. With Forevory's online memorial guest book, friends and family can connect with the page in an easy-to-use format - creating a haven of comfort during such painful times.
  • Online memorial pictures & videos: Forevory makes it effortless to upload, arrange, and present your videos and photos in a captivating way so that they can be shared with the world. Showcase your loved one's life story with beautiful imagery and moving footage that brings their memory to life.
  • Online memorial stories: Celebrate the life of your loved one by creating a special section for them on Forevory and share their stories, anecdotes, and cherished memories. This feature will allow you to create an exquisite narrative of your beloved's life that reflects their distinct traits and the influence they had on those around them.
  • Online memorial voice notes: With Forevory, you can bring voice recordings to life on a memorial page. From your beloved's voice to messages from close ones, these audio notes will lend depth and emotion that are essential for any tribute. Capture the essence of a person with powerful sound in order to honor them in an everlasting way.

Tips for Getting Started

  • Create a customized plan: Before beginning the online memorial, allow yourself some time to brainstorm the content that best represents your loved one's life. Compile photos, videos, and stories that capture their personality.
  • Pick a stylish theme: Pick colors, fonts, and design elements that complement your loved one's interests, character, or values. Having a distinct aesthetic will help you stay consistent while implementing your personal touches.
  • Ask for contributions: Ask friends and family members to contribute memories or messages honoring your loved one. This will create an even more meaningful tribute by playing on the sense of community around their memory.
  • Maintain your memorial: Visit the page regularly to update it with any new stories, photos, or messages from visitors, allowing the tribute to remain alive in celebration of your loved one's life.

Final Thoughts on What to Write on an Online Memorial Page

In summary, when considering what to write on a memorial page, it's important to create a personal and meaningful tribute that reflects your loved one's life, personality, and the impact they had on others. When crafting a heartfelt memorial page, there's no limit to how personal you can make it.

Ready to pay homage and honor the memory of your beloved? Forevory is here with a set of powerful features that make constructing an online memorial remarkably straightforward. 

Take the initiative today, express yourself through creativity - jumpstart on building an everlasting commemoration in remembrance of your loved one’s life-long achievements with Forevory.

And if you're interested in reading more from Forevory, check out our posts on topics like what to bring to a funeral, how long is a eulogy, and urn display ideas.

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